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Homeschool standards

Between the excitement of “Back to School” and the pressure of No Child Left Behind, the topic of standards seems to be a popular one at the moment. Standards are important. Without them, we really do not know what we are trying to do or why. But in this era of standardization, I think standards are beginning to get a…

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Back to Homeschool Week: Why We Do What We Do

Why did we choose to homeschool? My husband says it was “impressed upon him that homeschooling was God’s model for the family.” I said, Homeschooling? You are nuts. Homeschooling is for over-controlling parents attempting to live their lives through their children. It is for people who place greater importance on spelling bees and academic success than the needs of their…

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Is our goal really to “bankrupt the American educational establishment?”

Over at the Catoosa County News, homeschooler Jeannie Babb Taylor has a bone to pick with the “exit strategy” put forth by some Southern Baptists. It is actually an interesting article, with a few characterizations of conservative Christians which I personally would contest. I’m not “running from evolution, homosexuality or even drugs,” but she provides enough quotes for her stance…

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Creation as an “attack against democracy?”

Just hours before the European Council sat for its week long meetings, the document “The Dangers of Creationism in the School” was removed from the agenda. In it, the French EU politician, Guy Lengagne describes creationism as an “attack against democracy.” It is a problem that needs to be dealt with “before it is too late.” And further: If we…

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Conversion as a form of violence

On June 6, 2007, the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion and Belief held a meeting of religious leaders at the House of Lords in the UK. The purpose was to look at the challenges presented to various faiths in the implementation of Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states, Everyone has the right to freedom…

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Shout to the Lord

This morning during worship, we began singing “Shout to the Lord.” Somewhere in the refrain, I felt tears welling up in my eyes and I started to get choked. I don’t usually cry. Not even during those “chick flicks” my husband teases me about. And it had nothing to do with the song really. I like that one, but it…

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Finding Purpose

Three years ago, our family made the decision for me to leave the workplace to stay home. The beginning was very tough. I struggled with boredom, lack of direction and lack of purpose. I truly believed my children to be more important than all I gave up, and struggled with a sense of guilt when I realized that I really…

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I’m a dominionist, isn’t everybody?

Thanks to a question on an e-list, I’ve actually spent the evening researching dominionism, a movement I long ago relegated to the fringes of Christianity with Phelps and his friends. But the term will not die. And everyone, it seems, is a dominionist. Even Abeka users. I’m not terribly familiar with Abeka, so I don’t know. Maybe they do have…

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