how to overcome challenges

Checking in

Well, I’m generally against writing posts just to say I haven’t been around, but my little break has been way longer than I anticipated. Alongside losing Timmy, we’ve all had the flu (my husband even ended up in the ER), little LE fell of our mini horse and ended up with a buckle fracture and I fell and tore my rotator cuff.

And other than the physical difficulty of writing with a torn rotator cuff (until the last couple days, I could only type one handed), that really isn’t even why I haven’t written anything.

January left me emotionally drained.

And I just needed to not feel the pressure to write anything at all.

how to overcome challenges

Something to read while I get some sleep

Well, I’ve written a few guest posts and it was a much more . . . emotional . . . task than I thought it would be. Blogging is such a strange hobby. I’ve been known to lay my soul bare here, at least a little around the edges, but this is like my living room.

And I’ve invited y’all and y’all come knowing a little of what to expect.

But taking parts of my story over to someone else’s blog felt much more like crying at their house then I expected.

And it was really hard to figure out what to say.

But here’s what I said, anyway, so you have something to read while I try to get some sleep after a middle of the night standoff with the local coyotes.

When Money is the Last Thing on Your Mind over at Money Saving Mom

Housekeeping When Your Heart Isn’t in it over at The Happy Housewife

A Child’s View of Heaven over at The Tuckers Take Tennessee

And I have better days coming. And worse, but I’m going to write about the better because I want to and this is my living room.




how to overcome challenges

We’re back!

And if I’m back from vacation, why am I so tired? Hoping to start filling in what we’ve been up to over the past couple of weeks after I finish sleeping off the drive back from south Texas!

how to overcome challenges

Taking a Break

Roscommon Acres shall be taking a wee little break as we leave Daddy in charge of the animals and head down to Texas for a four day grief camp for the children.

We’ll be hiking and sightseeing and spending a few days almost entirely unplugged. Hopefully I will return next week recharged and ready to tackle replanting those beans and share all our adventures with you.

In the meantime, you can take a moment to read my recent article over at Heart of the Matter: Homeschooling When Your Heart isn’t in it: It’s OK not to homeschool.

And I guess consider this an open thread. I’d love to read about what all you have been up to when we get back!