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Road trips with boys

So, over the weekend our 4H group went out to Kearney, Nebraska to see the sandhill crane migration. Somehow, I ended up with all the boys. ALL the boys. Just let that sink in for a moment. One hundred sixty miles one way with ALL the boys from our 4H group. Somewhere along the way, they decided to have a…

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birdwatching, homeschooling

An encounter with owls

Four children stand in the walkway, huddled together against the cold.  Two came out without a jacket.  One didn’t bother with shoes.  It’s hovering just above freezing.  They stand silently, listening.  It is a rare moment of quiet. What do they sound like, Mommy? [Whoo whowhowho Whooo] “Whoo whowhowho Whooo,” I call back. Partially to let Bug know what she…

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