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Learn German Online . . . For Free!

Interested in learning German at home? Or maybe you are teaching German to your homeschooled children? I speak German, but when I went searching for materials to teach German to my own children, I became frustrated with the lack of quality in many of the products available to homeschoolers. There is a wealth of material available online, but it takes a lot of time to assemble it all into a coherent, sequential language program. That’s why I began creating this free online German course for my own children and decided to share it with you! My long term goal is to have the two to three years of high school German most colleges require available here for free.

Learn German at Home for free

For this self-directed German course, I pulled together free resources from across the web. There are video lessons, songs, stories, games and quizzes to teach concepts and give your students an opportunity to practice what they’ve learned. Where I couldn’t find appropriate materials, I created my own to fill in the blanks and make a more comprehensive curriculum. The only thing that is really lacking is a conversation component, but if you find a friend to take the course with, you can practice together! I’ll share some more ideas later to help fill this need. And if there is enough interest, I may add on a weekly conversation course.

I have had quite a few requests for materials for younger students, so have added a free homeschool German course for young children as well. This is basically an introduction to the German language and will expose your child to the sounds and vocabulary of the language through stories, songs and videos, many of which are the same that German children enjoy.

There are some small required purchases (you can’t very well learn German without a dictionary, the biggest purchase!), but even after purchasing these books, you will have a fairly complete German course for less than the cost of a traditional text book. Check out the course description, and please share this valuable resource with anyone you know who may be interested in teaching German in their homeschool!

I’ve also created a course facebook page, Learn German at Home, which will have daily language fun to make learning German a little more engaging.

The first module will be available August 28, but you can go ahead and register now! Just click on the above link, register via the form and don’t forget to click enroll when you are done!

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6 thoughts on “Learn German Online . . . For Free!

    1. Thanks! And Dutch? Wow! I don’t meet too many people teaching that! I took a semester in college and since I speak German, I can usually read it. I don’t understand it too well when people are speaking, though!

    1. It looks like you figured it out, but you just need to click on the link and follow the instructions there. It will have you register for the site and then click “enroll.” I’ll try to make it clearer in this post!

    1. Well, I see you figured it out. 🙂 Once you are enrolled and click on your course, just go down the lessons on the left hand side. If you click “completed” as you do them, it will make it easier to keep track of what you have done.

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