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Christian by default

“Go ye therefore into all the nations . . . ” including Iceland! I may have only liked this so much because it’s Iceland. Who can’t love a people living in a frozen wasteland on the side of a volcano? The landscape is beautiful and they give each other books for Christmas. What’s not to love?

My two take aways from this:

  1. Separation of church and state is a good thing. Germany has state supported churches as well, and you see a lot of the same spiritual issues. Everyone considers themselves Christian because they were baptized into the church and they pay the church tax, but there isn’t much of an evangelical zeal.
  2. How do you minister to a country of apathetic Christians? That question brings this video a little closer to home, because I think we are seeing more and more “cultural Christians.”

But you can’t be “Christian by default.” It is a personal commitment and a personal relationship. You aren’t welcomed into the kingdom by birthright or because of decisions your parents made for you or because you never bothered to unregister as a Christian from the appropriate government office.

As I’ve heard others say, “God has no grandchildren.” But getting through that cultural apathy seems more difficult than reaching across cultures. And yet it is probably the biggest spiritual issue facing America. As well as Iceland.

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