Checking in

Well, I’m generally against writing posts just to say I haven’t been around, but my little break has been way longer than I anticipated. Alongside losing Timmy, we’ve all had the flu (my husband even ended up in the ER), little LE fell of our mini horse and ended up with a buckle fracture and I fell and tore my rotator cuff.

And other than the physical difficulty of writing with a torn rotator cuff (until the last couple days, I could only type one handed), that really isn’t even why I haven’t written anything.

January left me emotionally drained.

And I just needed to not feel the pressure to write anything at all.

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  1. Teresa says:

    Dana, I love your honesty. I am so glad you were able to take a break and I hope you never feel pressure to write. I am horrible with words but I will try to get this out. I follow your blog for several reasons. What you write seems to be a cry of my own heart – the continuing life in the midst of continuing grief after the death of my own son. When my own heart is groaning, I love to pray for you and your family. It seems to help me. You write so beautifully that I can picture your home and family and farm. I picture the grace you need for each other, I picture new growth on your farm and in your hearts, I picture God’s hands so tenderly cupping your family. You bless me, thanks for sharing your journey, your blog is a beautiful place.

  2. Jenni Williams says:

    Sorry to hear about your injuries. Thanks for sharing though as when I googled the shoulder inuury and read further, I realised my husband likely has the tendinitis or the other form as his symptoms match with the description and he’s had pain for over a year! He’s going to go to the doctor now! Love, Jenni x

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