Unconventional dog training

So my daughter has a new bunny. She got it from a friend, sort of in exchange for a puppy, but not really because we would have let them have a puppy anyway. We’re excited to have one placed with a friend so we will get to see her grow up. Anyway, this little bunny’s name is Tibbara. Why Tibbara you ask?

Well, because she’s a rabbit. Spelled backwards.

And Tibbara is quite the center of attention here. Not only does Mouse carry her EVERYWHERE, but the dogs hover about, sniffing and licking any time they can. Sometimes Mouse gets tired of it, however. After all, she drags her around EVERYWHERE because she wants to snuggle her.

So she finally snapped at the dogs.


And Faithfull immediately backed off, but Timmy is somewhat more impulsive and somewhat less trained. So he took full advantage of Faithfull’s retreat and moved in where he could sniff over the new pack member all by himself.

Except Faithfull wouldn’t have any of that. With a faint growl, she took Timmy’s entire muzzle in her mouth and pulled him away. Then she just stood there with that low growl, holding his muzzle until he finally dropped his head. She let go and he retreated a bit and lay down where he could watch the bunny from a safe distance.

And I said,

“Really, Timmy? That’s all it takes? Next time you take off after the mailman, I am so totally going to pounce on you and try that.”

He thumped his tail on the floor, and I shall leave you with that image of me tackling a dog and sticking his muzzle in my mouth right there on my front lawn.

And should I ever actually follow through in some moment of desperation, hopefully anyone who witnesses it will have read this post and understand.

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  1. Mom says:

    The musher in Canada that we stayed with trains his dogs by biting their ears! So I guess putting Timmy’s muzzle in your mouth wouldn’t be so strange. 🙂 (I’d love to see that – if you ever do it I hope someone is near with a camera LOL)

    • Thanks! If I knew for sure it would work, I just might try it. Maybe even call someone so that they know what I’m going to do when they drive by.

      I’ve thought about putting a box of water ballons at the bottom of the hill with a big sign to feel free to throw them at the black dog if he starts to chase. 🙂

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