Help build a children’s home with your Pampered Chef purchases!

Thank you so much, Jodi, for such a touching and personal post as well as all your encouragement since Mattias died.

When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter (now almost 2), I found out my friend Nicole was also pregnant with a little girl.  Shortly thereafter, I found out my friend Erika was also pregnant and, you guessed it, she was having a girl too!  I had never been pregnant at the same time as any of my friends before, and it was such a blessing to have these wonderful, Godly women to share this joy with.

But then, Nicole found out that her daughter had anencephaly, a condition that was going to take her precious girl’s life.  Heartache and tears, prayers and faith as my family began our journey of praying for their little girl.

It was right around this time that my friend Erika, (who had attended the birth of one of my older children), asked if I would like to come to her daughter’s birth.  I was so excited and honored to accept this invitation I could hardly contain myself.  My daughter would be a few weeks old by then, and I was so excited about our babies being friends!  They already got along very well – both of them loved Chinese food, and it was one of the only foods either of us could eat without morning sickness.

Then, Erika received some concerning test results on their baby, and asked me not to come to the birth because of the uncertainty.  Heartache and tears, prayers and faith were all that I could cling to for these precious ladies as my own baby continued to grow healthy in my womb.  I stopped posting about my pregnancy and when my daughter was born, I struggled whether or not to put a birth announcement on facebook, knowing the trials they were facing.

Nicole’s baby was born in August, and their family was blessed to have their daughter, Faith, with them for 29 hours before the Lord called her home.

Shortly thereafter, Erika’s baby was born, and their family was blessed to have their daughter, Hannah, for 4 months, before the Lord called her home.

Then, my sister-in-law lost her battle with cancer, and the Lord called her home.

And my blog-friend Dana shared that her son Tiggy had been in an accident, and the Lord had called him home too.

My heart grieved deeply for these dear families, and still does to this day.  My daughter, my blessing, was a constant reminder of Scripture’s calling to “bear one another’s burdens.”  I was yielding many questions from my own children about death, grief, and loss; questions I felt inadequate to answer.

Dana emerged as a source of strength and hope.  Her faith in the midst of her pain deepened my trust that Christ is faithful even when our hearts are shattered.  Her faith was a foundation for me to share Christ with one of my unsaved children.  Her faith is the kind of faith that turns grief into something more precious than silver.

Her faith is the kind that raises money to build homes to rescue children from all kinds of earthly horrors, and share with these children the same hope that carries her now, and in the future…all the way to the eternal hope of salvation through Jesus Christ.

My family started praying for Tiggy’s House before I finished reading Dana’s first post about the project.  My children have been saving part of their allowances for months to help with construction.  We’ve spent hours sorting beads to give to Dana for jewelry, while talking and praying for the girls in Nepal who will be rescued.  When I ordered something from yesterday, I placed my order through Tiggy’s House.

So when I decided to host a Pampered Chef party, and learned I could have a fundraiser show, I immediately thought of Tiggy’s House.  The more I have learned about the plight and suffering of those girls in Nepal, the more my heart grieves…but this grief is different, because this grief is without hope, unless those children are able to come to know Christ – through ministries like Tiggy’s House.

If the Lord has placed Tiggy’s House on your heart, and you’ve ever considered buying something from Pampered Chef, this fundraiser is perfect.  Because I have chosen a fundraiser, the sales will not benefit me personally or give me any discounts – all that money goes to Tiggy’s House.  The lady who will be doing the show will also donate an extra portion of her sales (taking it out of her personal pay).

You can attend the “show” online.  Make sure the page says “Host:  Jodi Ferris” in the top right corner. If you order $60.00 or more, you get a free gift too!

Dana, I am so blessed to call you friend.  Thank-you for your faith, endurance and eternal heart.  (((hugs)))

I have refined you, but not as silver is refined.
Rather, I have refined you in the furnace of suffering. – Isaiah 48:10

 *After my friend Erika lost her daughter, Hannah, she became pregnant again.  Their third child, Keira, was born healthy about ten weeks ago.  Last week they received a devastating diagnosis that Keira also has a “fatal” condition.  If you are so lead please pray for her family.  You can follow their story here.

~Jodi, a long time blog friend


We’ve passed the halfway point with $25,349.43 raised over the past year  to build a children’s home in Nepal to rescue children from sex-trafficking and set their lives on a solid foundation. More exciting announcements next week!

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