Mother’s Day bracelet giveaway

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and to celebrate the special mother in your life, we are hosting a giveaway of our beautiful Family Bracelet made from genuine Austrian Swarovski crystals in the birthstone colors of mom, dad and all the children. This can also be made as a Grandmother’s bracelet with the birthstone colors of all of the grandchildren.

To enter, simply leave a comment sharing something you love about a mother in your life. A winner will be selected at random April 20, 2012 and notified via email.

In the meantime, we have this and many other lovely items in our etsy shop. Between now and Mother’s Day, you can get free dometic shipping on all orders by using the coupon code “MOTHERSDAY”. And as always, all profits are donated to Tiggy’s House, a children’s home in Nepal to rescue children from sex trafficking.

58 thoughts on “Mother’s Day bracelet giveaway”

  1. I love that not only did my mother make many sacrifices for my sister and I growing up, but that she can now look back on the things she gave up without regret. She has such a positive attitude and even now that her girls are grown, she’s still our rock and we can depend on her no matter what.

  2. My own mother has been such an inspiration to me. She and my dad have been through a terribly difficult year and a half, and she has handled it with grace and peace, never failing to give glory to God.

  3. My mom is an amazing woman – her strength and resiliency is incredible. These last two years, especially, have been hard. Her and my dad lost their hotel (which = their life savings) in ’10, and last year my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in June, and we lost him in August. She has soldiered on, making the most of the situation. She truly is amazing.

  4. were it not for my mother, her love for us and her teaching/showing us God’s amazing love on a daily basis….. i have no idea where i would be now! Mama is Mama….. and i think i am a better mama and person becasue of her!!

  5. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the impact mothers have on their children, and I am so blessed! My mother is a thoughtful, diligent servant. There are so many things she taught me that I don’t even fully realize.

    {P.S. I love you, Dana!}

  6. My younger daughter is a wonderful mother of five children, one of whom is in Heaven now. She is a woman of great faith, and has a generous and loving spirit. She has been through so much pain, but has overcome her grief, and has tremendous courage. I would love to give this bracelet to her.
    My birthday is April 20th!

  7. My mother taught me everything I know about how to take care of children. I’ve been a mom for almost 7 years and have 3 kids and I still call her and she still knows it all. Oh the wisdom! (love the necklace!)

  8. Although my mom is still alive, she is 92 and living with end-stage Alzheimer’s. She no longer knows me nor knows that she even has a daughter. I miss her so much and miss the long-distance conversations we would have several times a week. She was and always will be my best friend. The interesting thing is that I am adopted so she is not my “birth” mother but I firmly believe she could not have loved me any more had she given birth to me, and I can say the same thing about her. I am so thankful that God chose to bless me with the parents He chose for me!!

  9. When I think of Mother, I immediately think of my sweet Aunt Joan who has been my momma for most of my life. She has loved me, encouraged me, disciplined me when needed ;), supported me and loved me through some very dark days.

    I would be honored to win this bracelet to honor her.

  10. I love that mother is always there for me – in good times and the bad – and that I know she will always, always love me, even at my most unloveable times!

  11. My mom, widowed for 15 year now, is a source of inspiration to me. She is currently in the hospital recovering from back surgery, encountering disappointment at every turn, and yet she keeps gritting her teeth and moving forward. Her independence is remarkable in the face of great odds.

  12. I love that my mom is always there for us. When my daughter was in ICU, my mom dropped everything and came. This week she’s done the same for my sister whose daughter is in the ICU. I still call all the time with questions or to get her opinion. She’s someone we know we can always count on.

  13. I love the way my mother balanced trust in my judgment with clear expectations of acceptable behavior. Now that I’m getting to the point where my own children may be in the near future, I can only hope and pray to be as great a mother.

  14. My mon has always been a source of strength for me. One of the most special things about my mom that I love is that my children will have her for a grandmother.

  15. My Mom is my best friend, and my hero. She is an exceptional mother and a wonderful grandmother to my children. I am so very thankful for the person she is, and all that she has taught me throughout my life. I want to be her when I grow up!

  16. I love my friend who has adopted 20 kids in the last 10 years (& has 8 bio kids) and is working on adopting again. She is an inspiration to me as I “only” have 5 kids (bio & foster)

  17. I have a friend who is supposed to be a temporary mom to kids from other countries who come to America for just a year — but she loves them all so well that they really become part of her family, and they keep coming back for visits! I admire her so much, especially because she’s infertile and misses those kids so much when they leave, but she still keeps doing it even though it’s so painful.

  18. My mother is my role model, her mother was hers. They are such wonderful people. My only wish is that my husbands family could have been so fortunate.

  19. After raising two daughter of my own as a single mother and now raising my three grandsons on my own I can appreciate the struggles my own mother faced while raising me and my sister. She worked long hard hours to make barely enough money to pay the bills. We never understood what luxuries were. We never realized there were ‘extras’ but we always knew what love was and we were never without her support and encouragement. While she may have never been able to give us everything we wanted … we always had everything we needed and we always had her. That was most important. It’s even more important now that we have just begun a new journey call ‘Malignant Melanoma” with her. We have walked the journey of Rheumatoid Arthritis for the past 10 or so years and with the new introduction of Melanoma we know the walk of arthritis is only going to grow harder. She’s had to be taken off all of her arthritis medication due to the compromise it causes in her immune system and that in itself is going to be a painful journey. She’s such a brave and strong woman and I love her more and more everyday.

  20. I love that my mother loved(s) being a mother. When we were little, she didn’t tell us, “Go color”. She said, “Let’s color”, and sat down with a coloring books and crayons and colored along with us. She read to us constantly, and I distinctly remember sitting beside her when I was about 5 (I suppose – I know it was before I started school) and realizing that I could read what she was saying. When correcting us she spoke gently and asked questions, and I would realize within myself how wrong my actions had been. My father worked two jobs so she could stay home with us, and she was always there when we needed her. She dedicated her life to being a mother, and she is a great success.

  21. As a mother now myself, I see what dedication and love my mother showed us not only verbally but silently as she cooked daily from scratch, stayed home and cared for us choosing not to work outside the home so that we would all stay out of daycare, drove us (5 children) every evening to and fro for sports, dance, clubs etc and took care of the house and our father day in and day out never asking for a thing for herself. I know see how SELFLESS she is/was and I appreciate her even more!

  22. I regret not respecting my mother and all of the incredible wisdom and love she had given me growing up until I went away to college. Since then she has truly become one of my best friends. I adore her for instilling in me a drive to find God’s plan for my life and run after her. She supported me through heartache, trials, and victory! I moved across the country for a job, but she is only a phone call away- the first one there if I need her. Sometimes I just long for her hugs. No one hugs like my mom! LOVE HER! And love this bracelet too!!

  23. I love that my mother worked hard throughout my life to follow her own dreams along with raising us.

  24. My mom always encourages me to be strong and also gave me unconditional love when i was a difficult teen.

  25. I love that a mother always sacrifices for her child….my mom always did without saying a word about it. It really shows sacrificial love through actions and points to the One who sacrificed it all.

  26. I love that my mom always believed in me, especially when I didn’t believe in myself.

  27. I love my Mom. Even though we have had our differences in the past I know now that its because we are so much alike. And the truth is, I wouldnt have it any other way (dont tell my husband that lol). I also love my mother in law. She is fantastic. (how many people can say that lol)

  28. My mother is always there for me, no matter what! She pushes me to be open minded and believe in any and all of my dreams. She always says “the world doesnt end at the tip of your nose.” And I strive to lead that life.

  29. My daughter-in-law is such a wonderful mother to my granddaughter, I am so happy she is part of our family!

  30. My husbands aunt is the person he considers mom. She selflessly gave up her young adult life to raise him and his sister. She never had any children of her own, but couldn’t love them any better if they were hers biologically. She considers our children her grandchildren, she’s nanny to them. She’s the reason he’s the person he is today. Without her love and support, even now, I’m not sure who he would be.

  31. My mother has always given everything she has to being a mother. SHe gave us kids a great childhood.

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  32. My mom was the best mom, I tell everyone if I could be half as good a mom my mom was my kids will be fine. My mom was the mom who took us to the park everyday and instead of sitting and watching us play she would be right there going down the slide with us. At home she would run through the sprinklers and have water fights. She was and still is a fun mom.

  33. Not only is my mother a wonderful mother to me, but she’s also very nurturing to her grandchildren. If they are ever in need of anything, it “magically” appears on our doorstep. She also spends lots of time with them. They know she loves them. 🙂

  34. Our family has had our hard times the past few years, but two things have remained constant ….and that is the good Lord up above and my mother. She is always there for me if I need anything…..

  35. I love that no matter how old I get my mother still takes care of me emotionally and physically. She is always by my side when I have surgery, am sick or when I give birth to one of my children. The truth is no matter how old you get you always need your mother.

  36. I love and am thankful that my mom is always there for my kids when i need her help.

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