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Preparing the garden

First, we planned a beautiful garden on paper. A garden that would provide a significant source of food for our family. A garden big enough that we’re going to have to buy another freezer to store the harvest in, if we ever get the harvest planted.

Then we plowed. It was April. A little late to get started since I had snow peas, lettuce and spinach that were all good to go in the ground. But to plow, you need a tractor and a plow and that all takes time.

Then it rained. It rained so much that Nebraska’s wheat harvest is struggling with mold and fungus issues.

As the last frost date quickly approached, I wondered if we would be able to get the garden tilled in time to even get in the carrots.

Then we had a late freeze. A late freeze that took out between 40 and 60% of Nebraska’s sugar beet crop. I learned that having a garden, even if it is just sitting there waiting for you to do something with it, makes you pay attention to the news and the weather report in a different way.

Finally, we gave up on the idea of purchasing a disc harrow for the tractor and decided to rent a tiller. But we still had to wait for it to stop raining.

It finally did. For three days in a row. On the third day, the ground was dry enough to till.

Then we waited for the rain so we could plant.

And waited.

And waited.

And finally bought a hose.

I planted 100 square feet of corn as the sun went down, approximately 1/4 of what is planned for this garden. Today, the goal is to finish the corn and the beans.

As much work as planting is . . . well, I’m trying not to think about what the harvest will be like.

At least I’ll have help with the weeding.

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  1. Weather is a huge factor in planting a garden. I guess that’s why the old farmers used to depend on the Farmers Almanac so much.

    We STILL haven’t finished planting our garden. I have to rally the troops and get it finished this week.

    Thanks for joining the Saturday on the Farm Carnival!
    .-= Linda´s last blog ..Saturday on the Farm =-.

  2. Its so good to find a fellow Christian garden blogger. Your children are having the best ever education being at home with you and they can learn so much from being in the garden. I have 2 dear friends that homeschool in Kansas. I hope the weather has started to improve for you so that it doesn’t delay your plans for the garden too much. You’re welcome over at my scottish garden blog anytime and welcome to Blotanical. 🙂 Rosie

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