Polish Crested: Chickens going punk

Surfing around the internet, I started showing my children some of the different breeds of chickens and talking about how the breeds developed and what they were used for. We looked at layers; we looked at meat birds; we looked at the so called dual purpose breeds because that is what we mostly have. We even looked at the ornamental birds and that is where the trouble started.

My children fell in love with the Polish crested. Completely and totally. They thought it was the best chicken ever and our little homestead wouldn’t be complete without one.

“I don’t think so,” I said. “They aren’t much use to us. They don’t lay that many eggs and we aren’t ever going to show chickens.”

“We’ll see,” was my final word on the matter, but I didn’t reckon with Polish crested actually appearing in the feed store.

“Mom!” they shouted enthusiastically. “Mom! They have Polish crested! Oh mom, please? Please?”

And we ended up with two. I don’t even know if they are pullets or !@#$%^&*, but they are beginning to get messy hair.

Here’s my son with the golden crested. Note the developing mohawk.

[Missing picture here]

Here’s what it should look like when it’s all grown up:

[Missing picture here]

And here’s our little white crested with it’s perpetual bad hair day:

[Missing picture here]

And a grown up roo:

[Missing picture here]

So yeah. I still have no idea what we’re going to do with a bird that can barely see through it’s mop top, but they are gentle little birds and very patient with the constant adventuring the children take them on. I only hope they are pullets so we can at least get the occasional egg!

(Pictures of adults courtesy Cackle Hatchery.)

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12 Responses

  1. Crazy how they look horribly normal and homely then they grow up to be something completely different. I think there is a lesson here for parents??

    Another thing….How awesome is our Creator!!! HE put such detail into these funny little egg layers. Such beauty and comic relief!!!


  2. What a super cool bird! I have always thought that they were neat…someday hoping to have one. So, glad you broke down and bought one…or two. 🙂

    What an adventure and cool learning experience for your kids.

    1. Yeah, well, the children have a bit of an advantage asking me for chickens. We went to the feed store with the intent of buying two for a lesson yesterday and ended up with four. 🙂

  3. How fun! We did that one year as kids too- it was so fun to pick out our own unusual little guys and see them grow 😀

  4. I want one; I want one! I can just see a few of these strutting around the house along with our buckeyes. I’d name them after punk rock musicians.

    Thank you for stopping by the blog and for your encouraging words. Good luck to you and your family as well!


  5. Those are so funny! We have new chickens too, but mine aren’t going to look anything like that! I’ll have to check back to watch your updated pictures. What an exciting experience for your kids!

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