Signs of Spring

Winter has broken its hold on the land.

There is mud.

There is green.

There is life.

I have never known a winter here like this one. Where it snows and snows and never melts. Last winter, my garlic got confused during a warm spell in December and began to sprout. Last winter, I grew hopeful during a warm spell in February and began planting in cloches.

This year, however, winter never released its grasp. After three weeks of sunshine and above freezing temperatures, there is yet snow on the land. Snow which was here in November and never had the chance to melt off.

It has been so long – so long since I’ve felt the warmth of the sun, the softness of the earth, the gentleness of the breeze. I have awaited this Spring with such anticipation, and now Spring is calling. The warm breeze whispers its call, and I answer. A dozen times a day, I answer, and walk outside.

Spring brings life to my dreams. It brings chicks and gardens and goslings. It brings action to the planning I’ve done all winter.

It brings mud.

It brings green.

It brings life.


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