This is NOT a homeschool room. I don’t WANT a homeschool room.

We now have a homeschool room.  Something I never particularly wanted to have, and a concept I have at times resisted.  But then we bought this house and with it came this little, boxy room with no purpose in all our other plans for the house.

Wouldn’t it be nice to put the bookshelves in there?

We thought, mindful of the overflowing bookshelves crowding the front room and children’s room of our old house.

We could keep all my homeschool supplies in that closet.

We thought, remembering the manipulatives stored under the bed, in the laundry room and in the attic.

Ooh…and a place to keep projects.

We thought, remembering the work laid out on the kitchen table that became a centerpiece for meals.  Because the kitchen table as homeschool classroom doesn’t work so well if the lessons don’t end by dinner time.

And the homeschool room was born.  It is overflowing with books, and the manipulatives are stacked helter skelter in the closet.  Posters are lying on the floor, and my whiteboard is tucked behind a shelf that doesn’t belong in there.  Pull out shelving is planned for the closet to keep my things neat and accessible, but there are many projects in line before that one so the room will have to wait.

As I sort through boxes and try to figure out how to make a temporary home for all this stuff that is not going to be a continual source of frustration until the time and budget allow for the light remodeling, I come to terms with a simple fact.

I never wanted a homeschool room.  In fact, I rather liked our boundary-less homeschool space.  Calling it a homeschool room brings to mind images of lined up desks and children facing forward, though the room would never fit five desks and there’s little chance of them all facing forward at once, anyway.  But all I need is an old analog clock that buzzes hanging on the wall, some fluorescent lighting and the classroom image would be complete.

Oh, and maybe a modern playground just out the window that they never actually get to play on.  That brings back memories.

So I think, “What’s in a word?”  Why does “a place for all my stuff” have to be a “homeschool room” and why does that have to remind me so strongly of a school room?

And I  look at the bookshelves, double stacked with books, thinking of all those boxes still in the garage with books to be unpacked and shelved.  I’m running out of room.  And it dawns on me.  This isn’t a homeschool room.  It’s a library.  A place to go to choose a book, start a project or just stare out a window.  A place for a quiet game, a quick lesson or a needed escape.  A small, homeschool library.

Now I just need to teach the kids to whisper.

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16 thoughts on “This is NOT a homeschool room. I don’t WANT a homeschool room.

  1. Yes! I totally agree! When I think of a homeschool room, it might have desks tucked in a corner, but it is really a library full of books and craft supplies with beautiful art on the walls.

  2. How about calling it a ‘learning room’? Our ‘school room’ is two tables in the corner of the family/playroom, but I have bookshelves everywhere. I usually refer to it as the school ‘area’.

  3. I love it! I think calling it a library is the perfect compromise. There’s a place for homeschooling stuff without having to assume that all the homeschooling takes place in said room.

    Awesome. 🙂

  4. We recently repurposed a tiny room in our house to be the place we keep our homeschool supplies – it is too tiny to do work in there. We call it our resource room. 🙂

  5. The room of mine like that I call a library. Mine has wall to wall bookcases, this computer desk of mine too. A loveseat, leather chair and ottoman, coffee table, sofa table & 2 end tables (all that stuff is hand me down’s).

    I refuse to have a homeschool room. So I have a library. LOL

  6. Oh and the library also has the microscope, some art and sculptures the kids made, some dinosaur models and other kid creations, crystals grown on rocks etc.

    But I still call it a library not a homeschool room. 😉

  7. I have the same space…and now that I have it I simply love having shelves in the closet so I can house the craft stuff (and my kiddos can reach some of it!) There are book shelves and white boards and two chairs set for anyone to sit in here at anytime. BUT we still do school wherever we like, especially at the kitchen table.

    It is called our study, because I think it’s ridiculous to make this room a home school room alone. Enjoy your new space!!
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..5 Question Friday on Saturday =-.

  8. I resisted a ‘homeschool room’ for years as well, but we always end up with one so that the kids have a space to do whatever without having the clean it up every day.

    There’s no way I could name one room of my house ‘the library’ though- every room has floor to ceiling books- and we are putting in more shelves this weekend. 🙂

  9. This isn’t a homeschool room. It’s a library.

    Exactly! And with a nod to Sunniemom, we have a home library AND books in every other room . . .

    So Favorite Daughter as a junior at university after all that unschooling with our home library and books in every room, recently decided that instead of going on past in the bachelor’s in English, her graduate degree and career will be in — what else? — library and information science with musuem curator certification, um, I mean, a master’s in “homeschooling!”
    .-= JJ´s last blog ..Politics as Usual? You Betcha . . . =-.

  10. My own master’s back in the dark ages (the 70s) was in school media and library science. Libraries at school even then were becoming multimedia including music, movies and nascent computers, definitely for learning resources of all kinds and not very quiet anymore! The profession started calling it the “school media center” rather than library and the librarians became “school media specialists.”

    OTOH if you look at university and public libraries today, they are just as multimedia, packed with resources in addition to books, very user-friendly and some going virtual in a big way. The FSU main library is renovating right now and after a student survey, they’re putting in a snack bar, all sorts of social spaces instead of just isolated reading, etc. So if the idea of being home is to learn without Schooling between you and the Education, then library is imo perfect! 😉
    .-= JJ´s last blog ..Politics as Usual? You Betcha . . . =-.

  11. Master’s in homeschooling…love it!

    Ours won’t have much multimedia in it, I fear. A tape deck and a CD player, but a computer desk won’t fit in that tiny room. We’ll see. A laptop is in our longish-term goals and they’re a little more portable and space savvy. 🙂
    .-= Dana´s last blog ..The joy of morning chores =-.

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