Peek inside my first handmade journal

For the last month, I have been shut in, perusing seed catalogs while the wind howled, the mercury dropped and the snow fell.  Now that the sun has peeked out from behind the grayness and freed a small patch of green, I am itching to get my garden started.  I keep looking at my basket of seeds left from last year and thinking that my new counters with the under-the-cabinet lighting are just perfect for starting seeds early.  The problem is, we live on the border of zones four and five, and our last expected frost date is late May or early June.  I’m a good three to four months away from when I should start seeds.

Did I mention my little mini-greenhouses are sitting on my counter at our new house?  Under the under-the-cabinet lighting? Clearly I need something stronger than simply knowing better to keep me from following through on starting seeds.

Enter the garden journal.

This is my first handmade book, started during a project I did with the kids while we were learning about God’s still quiet voice.  I didn’t really know what I was going to do with it, exactly, but I love to write and I figured I’d fill it up eventually.  But then the closing date on our house got closer, and my excitement over just what I could do with a garden on five acres grew.  Suddenly, I just knew I had to have a garden journal to plan and track the progress of my garden and to make notes in for future reference.  What better way than through my own handmade journal?  Especially with such pretty, springy endpapers?

I even printed off monthly calendars and glued them inside so that I could record planting dates and other regular chores in the front and attached two bookmarks so I can mark both the monthly calendar in the front and where I am in my planning in the back.

Now that it is finished and the glue is dried, I can plant my whole entire garden on paper.  I have already started my second one without a clear plan for what to do with it.  My daughter has decided to make one of her own for her various writing projects and Bear is getting a wee bit jealous, begging for me to make him one, as well.  If this keeps up, my kitchen shouldn’t be turned into a greenhouse until at least February.

And if you would like to make your own journal, it is surprisingly simple and surprisingly affordable.  There are various methods all over the internet, but these are the instructions I used (or abused, as the case may be).