Homeschooling’s for the dogs

Apparently, this is from an email going around.  All I can say is that of all the email forwards I get, why can’t I get cute ones like this?  (I edited it a bit from the version I came across.)

Homeschooling, Doggie Style

The kids start the day with mom supervising breakfast.

Take your seats!  (My favorite is the one under the chair.)


After all that concentration, they’re ready for some fun.  Where’s Waldo is always a favorite.

Then it is time to hang out with some friends.

hanging out
Before you know it, they’re all tired out.

nap time
We’re not quite so organized around here, although that last picture is a bit reminiscent of a certain someone.

Keep those tails wagging!

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  1. That just made my morning! I love the picture of your little one 🙂
    I found you on twitter and think your blog is wonderful. My 4 little ones are all grown and gone from the nest but I homeschooled for 6 years when they were tiny. Congrats on baby #5!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Visit me if you have a minute!

  2. Funny! We always say our dog Lacy is homeschooled, too, because she loves to participate, and we’re quite sure she can read & do basic math, but just can’t talk or hold a pencil to take a test!

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