Anti-Social Homeschoolers, the sequel

When we last met Grant, he had been IMed by a girl.  Being homeschooled, neither he nor his companions knew quite how to deal with this surprise.  Thanks to virtual communication, there is always a second chance with a follow up email.

Samantha, thou art a handsome woman.

What can go wrong with a start like that?

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  1. Don’t let word of that get out. It would destroy the image.

    My children keep looking at me and asking, “Do you like pancakes? I like pancakes.” Then they crack up and can’t seem to stop laughing.

  2. I didn’t like it as much the first time I saw it, but it is growing on me. My kids continually asking if I like pancakes before bursting into laughter may be aiding that. 🙂

  3. Did you click the link to see the next one? (It came up at the end at the end of the video.) We get an intimate look at what a homeschooler hopes for. I couldn’t stop laughing after watching it.

  4. Yes, number three is good, too. I think I’ll post it next weekend, though. I’m sort of enjoying posting a weekend video.

    And yes, the pork rinds add a special touch.

  5. Yes, please tell me you will post #3 in the trilogy. These guys make you like them. I didn’t want to but I could not stop laughing.

    They impressed me with their humor. And that’s not an easy thing to do (read with dramatic overacting)

  6. These three guys are my friends!!! 🙂

    I love that their videos are gaining such a sizable fanbase.

    This series is now up to #4 — check YouTube, they keep adding more!

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