Politician falsely accused of homeschooling

telephoneEvery election year brings with it an abundance of falsities and campaign ads which, well, skew the views of the opposition to the extreme.  This one has to take the cake, however:

Councilman Seth Morgan of Ohio’s 36th District homeschools his children!

The horror!  I can almost hear the sneer in her voice as Ms. Wojcik, president of the Western Ohio Education Association, accuses Morgan of homeschooling and asks residents to join her in voting for Charles Mortan.  Even though she is not a district resident and is not able to vote in the district.

So, do you think there is enough time left for him to blot out the stain false homeschooling allegations have left before the election?  Or is it all over for Councilman Morgan whose only school-aged child attends kindergarten at a local public school?

Or has the NEA and its various state associations completely lost touch with what lies arguments are likely to motivate people into voting for their candidates?

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  1. Ah! I met that reporter personally years ago! Small world.

    Actually, I think it IS relevant when you’re voting for an education position whether the candidates use private or homeschool options. It would make the statement that the schools are so crappy, you wouldn’t want to send your own kid to them, but you’re willing to help try to make them better for others (and maybe your kid eventually.)

    Wouldn’t bug me so much as being hypocritical if it were true. How many big-name politicians NEVER send their children to public schools? Oh, I mean in an area with an “average” or “low” income. They just don’t.

  2. Well, draw me like a Peanuts character with a big HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! over my head! This line in the article really tickled me most, though: the ad “*falsely accused* Morgan of home schooling his children” — as if homeschooling were on a par with perjury or petty larceny.

  3. It is pretty funny, isn’t it? And I think the choices a politician makes for his own children can be relevant, but to be “accused” (especially falsely) of any particular choice? Weird.

  4. They better be careful making accusations such these. It could actually cause voters to find out more about *homeschooling* and may be counterproductive to their plight altogether. Homeschooling will continue to increase like it has been over the years. It’s not unusual for families of politicians to homeschool. C’mon NEA, get with the program, would you!

  5. There are even people on local and state boards of education who homeschool. It just seems odd that this is what they would go with. I know they are against homeschooling, but you’d think by now they’d realize that they aren’t really winning on that argument beyond the “accountability” thing that comes up now and again.

  6. Maybe we need to start an “I’m a homeschooler” campaign on YouTube, like the “I’m a PC” ads for the much-maligned Microsoft…

    Heart of the Matter already has a beginning collection. Anyone want to set up a YouTube channel?

  7. Ooh! I love the idea. And it isn’t that hard to do. I have a channel, but all that is on it is a couple of gerbil videos and my 3yo drawing the winner for that binder.

  8. I’m thinking it would be the video equivalent of books like Nancy Lande’s Homeschooling Patchwork of Days: Share a Day with 30 Homeschool Families, showcasing the values, diversity, engagement, and competence of homeschoolers.

    Some could be short & punchy, like the Mac/PC ads, highlighting particular values/advantages of homeschooling, but others could be more day-in-the-life interview style.

    The better (in terms of diversity and integrity) such a collection got, the more it would be a useful resource not only for politicians & administrators who want to know our community, but also for families considering homeschooling or wanting to communicate to their families & friends what homeschooling is all about.

    My YouTube experience is limited, but I’d be happy to collaborate on such a project!

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