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Reasons to homeschool

Summer of Mom is Teaching asked for eight reasons why we homeschool. That’s easy.


    I love discussing the socialization of my children with total strangers.


    HSLDA alerts? Pure poetry. How could I get through my day without reading them at least four times? Once via my email. Once via an internet forum. Okay, maybe twice that way. And once again via my email when someone else forwards it to me. Oh…and at least one of the blogs I read is bound to post it, too, just in case I missed it via the regular channels.


    I always wanted to be able to put “right wing fundamentalist nutcase” on my resume. “Christian homeschooler” seems to be a close synonym.


    1. Maybe I


    1. to induce a

latent adult social anxiety disorder

    on my children. It is bound to happen to all of us if we live in the world that particular blogger appears to wish to create.


    1. I am a complete traitor to the cause of feminism. I have spent years trying to figure out how best to rankle the movement and present myself as a target. It wasn’t enough to go into teaching despite my GPA. It wasn’t enough to stay home. But when I started homeschooling? Wowzers. Now

I am enslaved.



    1. Think how quiet running errands would be without being informed at least twice per destination, “

You have your hands full

    .” It helps fill those lulls with absolute strangers.


    Come to think of it, think how quiet (and quick) running errands would be if they were all in school or daycare? That would be scary.


    What on earth would I blog about?

So why do you homeschool? I will not pressure you for eight reasons. In reality, I have only one: I believe it is the best option for our family to promote the social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs of our children.

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12 thoughts on “Reasons to homeschool

  1. Thanks for the laugh! I really needed it this morning.

    The “right wing fundamentalist nutcase” comment is hilarious. You confirmed my suspicions. People really do think I’m crazy. 🙂

  2. Very funny! Printing…

    BTW, thanks for stopping by my Halloween post at Chrysalis. You’ve thought a lot about this “holiday,” and I commend you for that. Blessings, e-Mom

  3. Actually, you can send trackbacks, April. I sent you an email. Let me know if you have any questions!

    Renae, either we are “nuts” or the rest of the world it. But I suppose it doesn’t matter. I’ve never had any strong desire to conform. : )

    Thank you e-mom! Glad you enjoyed it and it was a nice Halloween post.

  4. Dana ~ You made me laugh out loud, which led to my husband wanting to know what was funny… so I read him your blog word for word!

  5. I love your reasons!!

    I posted my top 10 reasons why I homeschool several weeks ago…here are the first 10, plus a few late additions

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